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Purchasing wholesale home decorations can save you money. A distributor sells a wide range of inexpensive products that you can add to your retail inventory. Use the tips below to shop for seasonal and non-seasonal decor.

Wholesale Distributors

Wholesale distributors purchase large amounts of merchandise from manufacturers. They store the products in a warehouse setting. Then, they sell the products to retail business owners. Retail shop owners and specialty store owners often feature wholesale products within their places of business.

Because store owners are able to acquire wholesale products for low prices, they can pass on savings to their customers. The cheap prices help retailers acquire customers who are motivated to do repeat business.

Home Decorations

Home decorations that are sold for wholesale prices can be used to dress up an apartment, a single-family home, or any other type of residential dwelling. Pillows, figurines, shelving units, tablewares, and framed artwork are some common types of home decor that a wholesaler may sell. Some home decorations may be geared toward a particular season or holiday.

In order to offer your customers a wide range of products, consider what types of decorations will be suited for specific rooms in a home. Shop for products that can be used to add color and texture to a variety of interior spaces.

If the wholesaler that you are going to acquire products from features outdoor decor, shop for patio and lawn decorations too.

Order Restrictions

Review the restrictions that a wholesaler has outlined. The wholesaler may require that a customer purchases a minimum quantity of each decoration type. If products are being sold by the case or the pallet, the wholesaler will indicate this in their advertising.

A wholesaler may place a limit on how many products can be ordered. If a particular product is in high demand, the supplier may specify that a customer cannot order more than a specific number of cases or pallets.


Wholesale decorations are shipped direct. A wholesaler will ship orders through one or more freight carriers. The shipping costs for wholesale goods may be based on the weight and dimensions of a shipment.


Before your first shipment of wholesale decor arrives at your place of business, set up some shelving and display cases where the new merchandise will be featured. Prepare price lists and advertising that can be used to market the new products that will be sold in your store.

Contact a local home decorations wholesale supplier to learn more.


20 June 2023

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