What Every Snowbird Needs To Know About Wind Mitigation

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Homeowners in northern states know about snow load, windchill, and the benefits of rock salt over gravel. Many people relocate to warmer climates once they retire, looking to escape the cold weather. While you can't shovel sunshine, you should know a few things before heading south, including wind mitigation.

What Is Wind Mitigation?

Wind mitigation is the process of preparing your home to withstand strong winds that may come with storms or hurricanes. It involves many tasks to reinforce the structure of your house and to protect it from damage caused by strong winds. These preventative measures include:

  • Installing hurricane shutters
  • Reinforcing existing windows and doors
  • Adding impact-resistant materials
  • Installing additional bracing along the walls and roofline 

Additionally, you may want to consider installing hurricane straps on the roof rafters to help keep them from being torn off in high winds.

What Are Hurricane Straps?

Hurricane straps may be another unfamiliar term to many snowbirds. They are metal straps, also known as wind ties, that connect the roof rafters to the wall studs. The strapping helps to provide further support for your roof, which is especially beneficial in a region prone to strong storms because it reduces the risk of your roof being torn off during severe weather.

How Strong Is the Wind in Florida?

Florida is known for its strong winds, especially during hurricane season. Winds can range from 74 mph, which is a Category 1 hurricane, and up to Category 5, which is any storm with sustained winds of 157 mph or more. Category 5 hurricanes are rare, with only four occurring in history. However, it is important to note that one of the worst hurricanes in history was Katrina, which was only a Category 3 hurricane when it made landfall back in 2005.

Why Is Wind Mitigation Important?

Wind mitigation is an important step for snowbirds moving to coastal areas of Florida because it can protect your home and potentially reduce your insurance premiums. In addition, if a hurricane does cause significant damage to your home, taking extra steps in advance, like wind mitigation, offers peace of mind knowing that you have done everything possible to prepare your home for Florida's weather.

Wind mitigation is essential to preparing for life as a snowbird in Florida's coastal areas. You can protect your property from potential storm damage by taking preventive steps. Wind mitigation could end up saving you money and helping protect your home. 


10 March 2023

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