5 Considerations When Shopping For A Lawn Hammock

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A hammock can provide an oasis of relaxation to your backyard. Choosing the right hammock ensures that you will get the most enjoyment from your purchase.

1. Basic Style

Although hammocks come in many styles, there are two main general types to consider. The traditional hammock is the sling style. These are gathered at each end to a single rope hanger, which creates a sling that cocoons anyone laying inside. There are also crossbar hammocks. These have a bar at either end that the hammock material is fastened to a crossbar at either end. These bars allow the hammock to remain flat, more like a bed. 

2. Weather Considerations

Weather exposure must be considered. A hammock hung in the middle of the lawn can be exposed to both heavy rain and extreme sunlight, so you want to choose one made of a material that can withstand both moisture and UV radiation. If you leave a hammock up all the time, wind can also be an issue. A rope hanging system that doesn't twist and is sturdy enough to handle wind stress is a must.

3. Hanging Options

The three main hanging options for hammocks are a dedicated hammock stand, between two posts, or between two trees. Consider the stand options, both from an aesthetic and functioning perspective, before purchasing one. If you opt for posts, make sure they are well anchored and can support the weight of the hammock and user. Porch support posts are popular options, or you can install dedicated posts. As for trees, these should be large enough to support the weight. You will also need hammock tree straps, which are designed so that they don't damage the tree's bark. 

4. Size Needs

Many hammocks are designed for use by only one person. Trying to fit in more isn't just uncomfortable, it increases the chances of damage to the hammock itself. There are larger two-person hammocks available, as well as very large "group" hammocks that can support several people. Choose the size according to your needs.

5. General Usage

How do you plan to use the hammock? Napping, for example, is well suited to a hammock that lays flat. For reading and relaxing, you may prefer a style like a sling hammock or an adjustable height crossbar that raises the head somewhat. There are also hammock chairs available that allow you to sit up fully.

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13 October 2021

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