5 Common Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

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Windows do not last forever. Some homeowners assume that since the glass is still intact, their windows are fine. But actually, it is the sashes and frames that tend to deteriorate, not the glass. As such, you should be on the lookout for these 5 common signs that your windows are failing and need to be replaced.

1. The glass feels loose in the panels

If you press on the glass part of your window, does it move? This is a sign that the sash around the glass, which is meant to hold the window glass in place, is breaking down. Even if you do not see leaks right now, a window with loose glass will leak, so it needs to be replaced.

2. You can feel and hear wind rushing through the windows

On a windy day, spend a little time in front of each of your windows, and see what you experience. Can you feel the wind blowing through? You may even be able to hear it whistling or rushing through the cracks and gaps in the window frame or sash. This kind of air infiltration can really raise your energy bills; you might be shocked how much they go down when you replace your windows.

3. You see rot and mold around the windows

Take a close look at the sash and frame parts of your windows. Do they have any black, green, or white mold on them? Maybe the sash and frame themselves have begun to turn black and rot in certain areas. Both rot and mold are perpetuated by moisture, so moisture is definitely coming in through your windows. Replace them before your health suffers as a result of mold exposure.

4. You can no longer properly latch or lock the windows

If the sash and frame have deteriorated to the point that you can no longer latch or lock the windows, then this is a safety and security hazard. New windows will keep your family and belongings safer.

5. There is moisture between the glass panels

There should not be any water or condensation between the two or three glass panels in your window. This is a sign of leaks — either on one side of the window or both. You'll soon have mold and rot if you don't replace these leaky windows.

When you know what to look for, it's pretty easy to tell when windows need to be replaced. Contact a window company soon to discuss your window replacement


29 January 2021

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