How To Motorize Window Treatments

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Motorized window treatments, be it blinds or shades, offer many benefits. One of the big benefits is that you don't have cords hanging down that can present a choking hazard to children or pets. Experts will also point out that motorized window treatments offer easy light control for people with large windows.

Manufacturers have different ways to motorize your window treatments. Find out which might work best for your home.

Electrical Hardwire

The most integrated option for motorizing your window shades is electricity. This method typically requires professional installation. Professionals will mount the motorized rod inside the window frame with mounting brackets. This rod controls the blinds or shades.

The difficulty comes in these models needing to be hardwired. An electrician has to drill into the frame or wall to access your electricity so they can wire the shade motors directly. This process is much simpler in a new build house. However, it's the most seamless installation in any house.

Electrical Plug-In

A simplified system of the electrical hardwire option is the plug-in model. These systems consist of similar motorized rods. However, they don't require you to wire them to your electrical system directly. Rather, you plug them in. The challenge here is to find enough outlets. You can use a wire channel to conceal the cord.

Blinds Wand

The simplest installation method is to install a blinds wand. You have two options for this installation method. One is to replace the existing wand with a motorized version. This motorized wand runs on batteries, but you can operate it using a remote control. When you trigger the wand, it revolves to tilt your blinds open or closed.

The other blinds wand is similar in how it functions. You replace the manual wand with a battery-operated model. However, this one incorporates a thermostat. Environmental factors such as light and temperature trigger the sensors to tilt the blinds open or closed. These blinds are ideal if energy efficiency is a goal of yours.

Solar Power

Solar-powered blinds are another seamless method of installing a motor for your blinds or shades. These models consist of the motorized rod. Like with the electrical model, you install the shade or blinds to this rod. Its movement controls the window treatment.

The benefit with these models is that you don't have to hardwire the system, nor do you have to replace batteries. The system comes with a discreet solar panel that mounts above the rod. As the name suggests, the energy the panel collects powers the rod motor. Naturally, this style is the most eco-friendly.

Try one of the above motorization options for your blinds or shades. Contact a company that sells products like automatic blinds to learn more.


29 April 2020

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