Maximizing Storage Space In Your Garage: Project Ideas That Can Help You Get Started

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In this lifetime, everyone is going to need a lot more storage space. If you have reached a point where your stuff is bursting at the seams of your house, it may be time to look at other storage solutions. Your garage is one possibility, even if you do not think you have adequate space in there. Custom garage storage solutions can help you maximize space. Here are some project ideas that can help you get started. 

Rise up Higher

Space along the top of the wall near the ceiling of the garage is often overlooked space. People look to cabinets on the floor, not realizing or even tapping this unused space above their heads. Custom cabinets and cubicles on the top edge of the walls near the ceiling all the way around the garage can provide a ton more storage space and lift a lot of items you do not want getting wet off of the garage floor. You can have these shelves, cabinets, and cubbies made to any shape, depth, length, width, and height. 

Maximize the Use of Garage Attic Space

If you have a garage attic, you should be using it. After constructing a solid floor for the attic space, cabinet makers can design and build a series of shelves and cabinets that will fill the space in your garage's attic perfectly. Then you can store whatever fits in the shelves and cabinets up there. Be sure space is left on the floor of the attic for a fold-down, fold-up ladder for easier access to all of your newly added custom storage. 

Do Not Forget the Ceiling of the Garage

There are ways to make a garage door open and close but still, leave enough clearance overhead for you to create some storage there too. If you have at least a foot of clearance above the open garage door, a custom builder can create a suspension cabinet that allows you to place really long objects in the hanging space. Everything from a few boxes of Christmas tree lights and ornaments to a canoe or kayak can go up there if you figure out how to fit everything just right. If you do not have any overhead clearance up there right now, consider swapping out your garage door for a more freestanding model that drops down about a foot to two feet below the ceiling of the garage. 

For more information about custom garage storage, contact companies like Cinti Closets LLC.


19 January 2020

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