4 Ways To Make Your Home Look Much Brighter On The Inside

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Does it feel like your home is always dark? Even when the sun is shining bright outside, the rooms inside your home may look dark and even a bit gloomy. Sunlight is naturally good for you, and it can even improve your mood. If you are not getting enough of that natural sunlight through your windows, it might be a good time to start making a few changes inside the home to get the brightness to shine right through.

Replace Dark Furniture or Use a Colorful Furniture Cover

Do you have a lot of dark furniture inside your home? You may have a dark brown couch, a black reclining chair, or even a black loveseat. If you are thinking about purchasing new furniture, you should look for lighter options. Adding a piece of bright furniture to the room is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners that want their homes to look and feel brighter and more inviting. You might want to get a couch in a shade of lime green, orange, or even bright red.

If you cannot afford to replace the furniture that you already have, you can always purchase colorful furniture covers to put on top of these items. Look online for covers in colors and patterns that you like and then take measurements before you buy those covers to make sure they will fit on your furniture.

Hang Up Colorful Artwork on the Walls of Your Home

Shop around for some colorful artwork that you can place on the walls of your home. If you are on a budget, you can shop at off-price department stores where you may find some beautiful pieces to hang on the walls at deeply discounted prices. By covering the walls with some beautiful and bright artwork, you can eliminate some of the darkness.

Use Decorative Colorful Glass Vases Throughout the Home

Add more personality and brightness to each room by using decorative colorful glass vases. You can buy colorful glass vases online in a lot of colors and styles. The great thing about the colorful glass vases is that they can add little bits of color to every room. You can fill them with real flowers, artificial flowers, colorful dried grass bunches, assorted stones, or even some seashells that you have collected while spending time on the beach. After filling the vases with items of your choice, you can place them in different spots, such as on a coffee table, on floating shelves between picture frames, on a window sill, or even on an end table.

Change the Wall Color to Something Much Lighter

The color of the walls in your home might give off a dreary and dark vibe. If you feel like it never looks bright enough inside the home, even when it is broad daylight outside, you should think about painting over those dark colors with much lighter colors. Start the process off by applying primer over those dark hues before you add a light shade of tan, beige, coral, or even yellow to the walls of the home. You might even want to choose different bright colors for different rooms to keep things exciting and different. It can take some time to completely change the color of every wall in the home, so start with the rooms you frequent the most, such as your bedroom and your living room.

If you feel like your home looks gloomy on the inside and is simply not bright enough for you, there are plenty of steps you can take to change things around for the better. If you would like your home to look so much brighter and vibrant than before, these are a few of the many things you can do to get that to happen.


5 August 2019

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