Ae You Designing A Small Bathroom?

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Besides the bathrooms that your family use for everyday purposes, do you have a separate powder room? In other words, do you have a small bathroom that doesn't contain a shower or a bathtub as part of the design? Instead, there is only a toilet and a sink. If you're lucky enough to have a powder room, do you put it off-limits to your family members? After all, they have their own bathrooms, so why not leave the powder room always ready for guests to use?

If you do have a powder room, do you want to beautify it? If so, here are some ideas that might help you to design an attractive and unique powder room. 

Start With A Copper Sink - Did you first see a copper sink at a home and garden trade show? Perhaps you saw one at a Parade of Homes in your town or city. Maybe you fell in love with a copper sink by just seeing it featured in a home decorating magazine. Or, of course, you might have seen it on display when you were shopping for bathroom fixtures. Wherever you saw a copper sink, you probably decided that you for sure wanted one in your powder room.

Even though a copper sink might cost more than a regular porcelain sink, it might be one of the most important purchases you'll make for your powder room. That's because it will be a unique feature that will draw everybody's attention. There are so many designs that you might have trouble selecting the one you want. For example, do you want a hammered design? Do you want a free-standing copper sink? Do you want a round one, a square one, or a rectangular one?

Once you select the copper sink you want, you'll probably be amazed at how easy it is to maintain. Don't use harsh chemicals or abrasive tools to clean it. Instead, clean your copper sink with just a bit of dish soap and warm water. Another great feature of having a copper sink is that the patina will more than likely grow lovelier as the years go by.

Choose A Bold Wall Treatment - Your first inclination might be to select a simple design for your walls since the space is small. Instead of doing that, go with a bold look. For example, if you are painting the powder room walls, go with something like purple or turquoise which will be gorgeous with your copper sink. 

If you are selecting wallpaper, choose a bold design that will complement the copper sink. For example, a wallpaper that has copper colors in the design would be a great selection. 

For more information on copper sinks and other decorations, contact a home and garden store.


26 June 2019

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