Easy Steps To Refurbishing An Older Outdoor Wraparound Deck

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A large wraparound deck is a very impressive feature in a home. If you are lucky enough to have one of these attached to your home, then you understand how important it is to maintain it. If you happen to have an older wraparound deck that hasn't been kept up and is deteriorating, then it is important that you take some steps immediately to make sure that it doesn't continue to get damaged by time and the weather. Here, then are a few tips to consider when looking to fix up your deck.

Strip The Old Stain or Paint

The main problem with many older wraparound decks is that they are often covered in bad old paint that has flaked and is no longer protective. Alternatively, the stain on the deck planks can also be problematic.

If stain or paint is not completely protective of your decking, then the wood will begin to disintegrate. This is why it's important to strip off the old paint or stain and start with bare wood. You can use either a paint scraper, a liquid paint remover, or ask for a professional deck service that will power wash with a solution that will only remove the paint or stain and not any of the wood.

Pull The Old Nails That Are Sticking Up

One of the most problematic things that people who own decks have to deal with is old nails that are sticking up in the planks. These nails might not necessarily have to be removed. They might even be tapped into place with a hammer.

If you have old nails that need to be removed, then what you can do is get a nail remover to grasp the old nails and pull them out. You can then reseal the nail holes with wood putty and reset the nails in a different position.

Replace The Old Boards With Fresh Wood

If you do happen to have old decking and boards that are in a bad shape, then you need to make sure that you replace those boards. What you can do is contact a deck services company and ask them about replacing the boards. What they can do is come in and tear up any old boards and replace them with fresh wood that has either been stained or has yet to be stained.  This fresh wood will have the advantage of being more impregnable to moisture and other environmental elements and will last a long time.


28 April 2019

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