Choosing Between a Retractable Awning and Adjustable Roof Patio Cover

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Deciding whether to purchase a retractable awning or louvered patio cover is a big decision. Since you will be enjoying your newly-covered space for years to come, it is important that you choose the option that will best meet the needs of your family. Both options provide you the benefits of:

  • a cooler outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family
  • UV sun ray protection for your glass doors leading to the patio
  • protection against fading for carpet and furniture

In addition, both awnings and louvered patio covers allow you to adjust the amount of coverage you want over your patio and adjust them for the changing sun angles throughout the day if you so desire.

While similar, the two options do have some differences. Here is some information about retractable awnings and adjustable roof patio covers to aid you in your decision-making process:

Retractable Fabric Awnings

Retractable fabric awnings are made out of a canvas material that is beautiful and long-lasting. The awnings are permanently mounted on your home over the location of your patio doors, and they can be opened and closed using a turning handle or a remote for electric and solar models.

Since the wind can be damaging to retractable fabric awnings, many of the systems made today have wind sensors in them and can be set to automatically close themselves if the winds become too strong. These awnings tend to cost a bit more, but their programmed protection from the wind is well worth the added cost.

Louvered Roof Patio Covers

While awnings will provide some protection from the rain, they do not have the same permanence of structure and waterproofness as a louvered roof patio cover. Adjustable patio roof covers are permanently installed into a frame that matches the architectural structure of your home. They allow you the ability to change the direction of the sunlight that you let on your patio area and are completely waterproof in the rain. A waterproof covering for your patio is important if you are going to use it in ways such as barbecuing that require equipment which needs to stay out of the rain.

Obtaining More Information About Awnings and Adjustable Patio Covers

Finally, now that you have the information necessary to decide between an adjustable roof patio cover and a retractable awning, you should speak with a dealer in your area to discuss your local climate and other issues specific to your property.


10 November 2015

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