How Window Replacement Can Reduce Your Cooling Costs This Summer

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Over time, old windows can become warped, leaky and inefficient. In the winter, cold air will blow through the cracks in older windows, letting in drafts and winter's chill. In the summer, windows can amplify the heat from the summer sun, super heating the interior spaces of homes. While there may be a variety of temporary fixes that will help you improve your energy efficiency and keep down your energy costs this summer, the only permanent solution is to replace your windows with new, energy efficient models. Replacing your windows in the next few months will help you save on the cost of cooling your home in a variety of ways. 

Window Tinting and Coating Reduces Cooling Costs

Clear glass lets in 84% of possible energy from the sun's rays. One of the latest innovations in window technology is the invention of low-e films and window tinting for interior spaces. Low-e films are called "spectrally selective" because they're designed to allow only certain parts of the infrared and visible spectrum to pass through glass. Rays from the spectrum that do not make it through the window are reflected back to the outside world, preventing the summer sun from heating your home. Similarly, window tinting can block solar heat and prevent your home's interior from becoming hot even when the sun is beating down. This lessens the burden on your home's climate control system and may lead to less frequent use of your air conditioner. 

Double- and Triple-pane Windows Improve Energy Efficiency

Old, single-pane windows provide no real insulation from the temperatures outside. Modern window solutions use double and triple panes to shield the interior of your home from the external temperatures. This allows you to keep your home's interior at a certain temperature without concern that the hot air on the outside of your house will raise the temperature indoors. 

Replacing Old Windows Can Help You Let In Fresh Air

Over time, old windows can become warped and sticky. If your old windows are hard to open and shut, this can discourage you from opening the windows to let in fresh air. If you're running your home's climate control simply because you don't want to open your windows, then replacing your old, sticky windows with new, easy to open models can reduce your use of the air conditioner. 

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19 June 2015

Keeping Cool All Summer Long

Moving to a hot climate freed me from dealing with snow and ice in the winter. However, it also brought a lot more heat during the summer. I had resigned myself to paying big bills for cooling nine months out of the year when I found out from a friend that my air conditioner was struggling and need in of repair. Once a technician stopped by and gave my equipment a tune up, my cooling costs were nearly cut in half! This surprising discovery prompted me to head online and blog about my experiences. Even if you and your family only use the air conditioner a few times a month during the summer, you can benefit from my tips on keeping the equipment running smoothly and efficiently. You'll appreciate the combination of cooler indoor temperatures and lower monthly bills.