Warning Signs That You May Be Heading For Boiler Repair


One of the most expensive replacements that you can buy for your household is a new boiler. That is why as soon as you figure out that something is off, you need to act on it immediately so the problem does not get a chance to be further aggravated. In addition to costly repairs, if your boiler breaks down it will mean your home is unable to generate heat and this will lead to uncomfortable living conditions. Although you may engage in regular maintenance of your boiler, you have to keep in mind that just like any other appliance, it is bound to encounter some mechanical problems at one point or another. Here are some of the warning signs you should look out for that would indicate you need to enlist boiler repair services before it is too late:

Foul odors around the home

One of the most common characteristics of a faulty boiler is when your home becomes inundated with a foul smell. On most occasions, following this smell will lead you to the boiler as its original source. It is pertinent to seek professional services immediately as this smell could indicate a gas leak. Gas leaks are quite dangerous as the potential for combustibility is high. Some leaks can also lead to health conditions if they are not caught in time. It is advisable to have periodic testing of carbon monoxide in your home just to be on the safe side.

A noisy boiler unit

Granted, boiler will emit sounds when they are in use. However, after having your unit for a while, you will know what sounds normal and what sounds weird. If you hear any funny noises coming from your boiler then you should contemplate boiler repairs. Hissing sounds that are emanating from the unit could be a warning sign of excessive sludge deposits. If left unchecked, these sludge deposits will lead to uneven water distribution in your home. Blockage in your boiler will eventually lead to overheating and possible shutting down of your unit. At this point, you may need to look into buying a replacement that is why it is pertinent to deal with the matter post haste.

Puddles of water

Lastly, another warning sign to look out for would be puddles of water either underneath the boiler or in close proximity to the unit. By constantly losing water, the unit becomes unable to efficiently heat the available water to the right temperature. If left undeterred the unit will end up spending more energy to work efficiently and this will negatively affect your energy bills.


1 June 2015

Keeping Cool All Summer Long

Moving to a hot climate freed me from dealing with snow and ice in the winter. However, it also brought a lot more heat during the summer. I had resigned myself to paying big bills for cooling nine months out of the year when I found out from a friend that my air conditioner was struggling and need in of repair. Once a technician stopped by and gave my equipment a tune up, my cooling costs were nearly cut in half! This surprising discovery prompted me to head online and blog about my experiences. Even if you and your family only use the air conditioner a few times a month during the summer, you can benefit from my tips on keeping the equipment running smoothly and efficiently. You'll appreciate the combination of cooler indoor temperatures and lower monthly bills.