How Real Estate Agents Find Homes That Accommodate Your Mobility Needs

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Having limited mobility can make life a bit difficult. If you are in the market for a new home and use a wheelchair to get around, hiring a real estate agent to help with your hunt can make your life a bit easier. When you are searching for your dream home, there are a few things to consider to ensure that you get a home that accommodates your needs now and in the future.

The following guide helps you learn a few features to look for when looking for a home:

Paved Driveway

The first thing you want to consider is the driveway for the home. You want to be sure that you can easily get to your car each day and a paved driveway will be easy to travel on with your wheelchair. Gravel driveways are not easy to traverse in a wheelchair.

Open Floor Space

When looking for a home, you want to choose one that has an open floor plan. This will allow you to see throughout the home without having to go from room to room. You also will not have to worry about traveling through multiple doorways to get where you need to go.

Bathroom Accommodations

You want to be sure that the bathroom in the home fits your needs or can be customized to suit your needs. Bars can be added to the wall so that you can easily get on and off of the toilet as needed. A tub that has a side that opens with a seat built into it is ideal for you, but there are some walk-in showers that can suit your needs nicely, if the doorways are large enough. There are waterproof seats that are designed for use in the shower so that you can still sit comfortably while you bathe yourself.

Doorway Size

The doorway to the home needs to be large enough for you to easily get into it while in your wheelchair. There are some homes that have sliding glass doors toward the back of the home that you can use to get into a home if the front door is too narrow.

If you take these factors into consideration when choosing a home, you can rest assured that you find a home that is perfect for you. While it may be difficult to find a home that has every feature you want, finding one that has many of them should not be too difficult.

A ramp can be added to the home and doorways can easily be expanded by a contractor, if needed. Giving the real estate agent all of this information to work with will help him or her narrow down the selection that is available to find you a home that is within your budget and that fits your needs quickly and easily.

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8 May 2015

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