Shelter Your Outdoor Space Stylishly This Season

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Spend more time outside enjoying your home's green-space with a protective shelter for your patio. Implementing a roof over your patio will allow you to extend your living space during mild weather without the worry of rain ruining your time outside. Try some of the following ways to add some shelter to your home's patio:

Retractable awnings.

Retractable awnings are a viable option that can be used year after year, and that is well-worth the initial cost. These durable awnings are often made of heavy-duty canvas, and can complement the colors and style of the home's exterior, giving the curb appeal a charming, quaint appearance. Talk with home improvement retailers about custom awnings to fit your patio and to provide shelter for activities that you may want to enjoy outside.

Overhead structures.

An overhead structure is a permanent solution to this issue, and the cost of implementing them may be a prudent investment as it could increase the overall value of your property. These can be fitted with roofing materials or left open for a unique look and airy feel. These basically turn the patio into a covered porch, of sorts, and the options for style and design are endless.


A few heavy-duty umbrellas may be all that you need to turn your patio into a protected lounging space. These come in a wide range of sizes and styles, and they may protect enough space to make them a cost-efficient solution to inclement weather. The best time to find these at the lowest price might be at the end of the summer season, when these outdoor items typically go on sale in retail venues.

Lattice coverings.

Sheets of lattice may be fashioned to create a unique covering for your patio, and this might be a project that homeowners can do on their own. These lattice sheets are found in wood and plastic. They can be attached to one another or secured to footings in the ground to create a roof and offer some protection to your patio space. While these do have some open spaces that could let water or precipitation sneak through, these make an excellent foundation for climbing plants and vines which can offer additional protection from the weather.

Pergolas and arbors.

For a charming look to your home's exteriors, try bringing a pergola or an arbor to the yard and patio. These are typically covered with climbing plants and flowers which brings a cottage-feeling to the property, and these can provide some protection for your patio or green-space. These are found in prefabricated varieties at retail venues, or some homeowners may construct their own.

During mild weather, a patio can be a lovely retreat that may also do double-duty as an extended living space or a place to entertain. Adding a shelter or roof to your space will ensure that you are able to enjoy it, even when rain is expected. Try these suggestions to get more utility from your home's patio and to protect your family when enjoying the home's green-space this season. Talk with a professional, like Lehman Awning Co, for more helpful tips on patio awnings. 


1 April 2015

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