3 Natural Ways To Rid Your Chicken Coop Of Rodents


Raising backyard chickens can be a great way to gain access to fresh eggs throughout the year. Unfortunately, putting a chicken coop in your yard could result in some unwanted guests. Rodents like mice, rats, and voles can frequently be found living near chicken coops, so rodent control is an important concept for you to master if you plan to raise backyard chickens.

Here are three safe and natural ways to rid your chicken coop of rodents in the future.

1. Invite a pair of barn owls into your property.

Barn owls allow you to control the rodent population the way Mother Nature intended. These owls are known for their insatiable appetite when it comes to rodents. In fact, within a single nesting season, a mated pair of barn owls and their owlets can consume up to 3,000 rodents.

If you want to harness the power of barn owls to keep your property free from rodents, you need to create a welcoming environment. Try installing nesting boxes around your property to attract more owls. Since barn owls nest in cavities, these man-made boxes will provide the perfect environment for barn owls to call home.

2. Place some dried herbs in your nesting boxes.

Mother Nature has provided another all-natural way to control your rodent population in the form of fresh or dried herbs. By placing herbs like mint, basil, lemon, thyme, or oregano in your nesting boxes, you will help to keep rodents away. Most rodents won't tolerate the pungent aromas that accompany these herbs, and will seek refuge elsewhere.

In addition to keeping your coop rodent free, adding herbs to your nesting boxes can also act as a natural anti-bacterial agent. Your chickens will have the added benefit of receiving a little aromatherapy while they lay your fresh eggs, and you can keep rodents far from your chicken coop when you choose to rely on herbs.

3. Sprinkle ground peppermint breath mints around your chicken coop.

If you have ever had a strong peppermint breath mint, you know just how pungent the odor produced by these tiny tablets can be. Mice and other rodents cannot stand the smell of peppermint, so these breath mints make a great natural rodent repellent.

All you need to do is place some breath mints in a sealed plastic bag. Use a hammer or rolling pin to crush the mints until they are a fine powder. Then, sprinkle this powder directly onto the ground around your chicken coop. The peppermint smell will not affect your hens, but it will keep the rodents away.

Keeping your chicken coop free from rodents is important when it comes to properly raising backyard chickens. By relying on some natural rodent repellents, you can eliminate unwanted pests without compromising the quality of your eggs. If none of these methods work, however, it may be time to call in professionals such as Eagle Pest Eliminators.


23 March 2015

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