You Can Decorate Your Own Windows

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Are you redecorating your home, or are you starting from scratch? Either way, you can decorate your windows in a way that will look like a professional did them. And, you don't even need a sewing machine! 

Your Kitchen Windows - Often the most popular gathering place for friends and family, you can have a lot of fun with the window treatments for your kitchen.

  • Consider purchasing large embroidered dish towels for an old-fashioned look.
  • Slip a curtain rod in one of the hems and just pull two of the towels through, dividing them in the middle when they're in place.
  • The pull back could be an old fashioned wooden clothes pin.
  • Shopping at thrift stores, antique shops or yard sales might be a good place for you to find both the dish towels and the clothes pins. 

The Living Areas - Consider coordinating the windows in the living room, dining room, and the family room.

  • Wooden plantation shutters from places like Budget Blinds Of Coachella Valley are perfect for these rooms, as they can take on a casual or an elegant look.
  • If you want fabric, consider selecting the same color for each room, but in different shades.
  • Making your own draperies is not difficult, if you select a simple style. Using a running stitch, hem each side of the fabric by hand, allowing a deeper hem at the top. 
  • Choose elaborate brass rods and finials for an elegant look, and wooden ones for a more casual look. 

Boy's Rooms - As you plan the window treatment for a more masculine room, consider your son's interests.

  • If your son loves sports, the window treatment will be so easy that he might be wanting to help you. Purchase banners from his favorite college or professional team, glue gun them onto wooden dowels, and simply rest them on sturdy metal brackets. Venetian blinds in back of the banners will complete the look.
  • For a boy who is enchanted with animals, consider purchasing fabric with jungle animals, farm animals or of other animal prints. Cut the fabric with pinking shears so that the fabric won't ravel. At the top of the curtain, do a running stitch by hand and then slip the curtains onto a metal curtain rod. Small stuffed animals glued onto fabric would be a great accent piece for the pull-backs.
  • If you don't have an actual theme for your son's room, consider denim for the window treatment. Traditional blue denim can take on a fun look when you use red bandanas for tie backs. If you want something more original, choose red denim and tie the curtains back with brown leather, or rope. 

Girl's Rooms - Are you wanting a prissy, princess room or a room for a tomboy daughter?

  • For a princess room, consider choosing white eyelet and ribbons. Go with ribbons in her favorite color, but choose different hues of that color, and select wide ribbon for a more dramatic look. Again, use pinking shears on all sides of the eyelet so you won't have to sew the hems.
  • For your tomboy daughter, use leather and lace. Remember, she might grow out of the tomboy stage and want something fussier later on. The combination of leather and lace will allow you to make changes easily.  Lace table runners slipped onto brass hardware will give a bit of an old-fashioned look, and use modern lace shoe laces for the tie backs.

Congratulations on doing your children's window treatments yourself!


30 January 2015

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