Got Stiff Sliding Glass Doors? Learn How To Fix Them For An Easier Glide

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If you've had your sliding glass doors replaced, or even if you have older ones, you might notice that they stick from time to time. When these doors become hard to open and you feel like you need to be a superhero to slide them, there is an easy fix.

This guide explains the steps to take to help your doors glide across the track, instead of being stubborn:

Step 1: Remove the Door

Open the door about halfway and grab each side, near the center of the door. Lift the door up and pull it over the track. Hint: To prevent injury and the risk of dropping the door, ask a friend to help by each of you standing on each side of the door and lifting at the same time.

Step 2: Find the Culprit

Shine a flashlight on the track. Look for a bent frame throughout the entirety of the track. Look for food crumbs, paper or other debris that's become lodged in the track. Follow these instructions to remove whatever you find:

  1. Bent track: Place a small piece of wood behind the track where it's bent. Tap the wood gently until the track straightens out. Repeat this for the top track.
  2. Remove debris: Use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum out any debris that might be stuck along the track's floor and in the corners. Vacuum the bottom of the door and the top track as well.

Step 3: Clean the Track

Fill a bucket with some vinegar and water. Soak a clean cloth with the mixture and wring it out. Wipe down all areas of the track, making sure that you hit the top, sides and floor of the track, as well as the floor around it. Dry off the track with a clean dry towel. Do the same on the bottom of the door and the top track.

Step 4: Lubricate the Rollers

Apply a small amount of household lubricant to the rollers on the bottom of the door. Only add enough lubricant to free up any stuck rollers. If the rollers aren't stuck, there is no need to lubricate.

Step 5: Replace the Door

Place the door back on its track by holding it at an angle while inserting it to the top track. Once in place, lift the door over the lower track frame and set it down on the track gently.

Keep an eye on your sliding doors to ensure they slide properly. Permanent track damage occurs on door tracks when stiff doors don't get fixed. Ask your door expert for help if you run into issues with these steps. Don't spend your life struggling to open a sliding door when you can fix it quickly. To learn more, contact a company like Duranotic Door Inc. with any questions you have.


23 January 2015

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